Sunday, December 14, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I love sending Christmas card.  Perhaps we missed you.

Merry Christmas

Every Dream Came True

Fall 2014
One of my dear friends in our adoption community is the Editor in Chief at She asked if we would be willing to share our story.
I felt we couldn't pass the opportunity. First, to advocate for adoption which is so close to our hearts. Secondly, to have a film of our moment in our life right now. I am often not in the pictures. I am the one filming and documenting our lives. This would be a chance to have our family for history.

The film crew spent 2 days with our family following us in our day to day activities. The result is a small piece of our lives and our hearts. I hope our offering is appreciated. This film is dedicated to our birthfamilies. Thank you for your trust in us. We love you!

Thanksgiving 2014

We celebrated with my brother Thomas and his family this year.  These boys love eating turkey and orange mashed potatoes! Yummy.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. To contemplate blessings and prepare for the season that celebrates the birth of our Savior.
I am grateful for these boys. I am grateful for the opportunity to be their mother. I am grateful for our home and all the blessings.

California Trip 2014

California November 2014

We love traveling but it has been a few years since we had an opportunity!  This year all of us were so excited to return to California and of course Disneyland!!  It was difficult but we decided it was too difficult with J. He gets so overstimulated. He has difficulty with crowds and noise. He has a difficult time when we go to museums. We decided it was best to have him enjoy time with Grammy & Gramps and we took BAJA and C.
We had a day to explore the LA Space museum and the Natural History Museum. Then we had two days in Disneyland.
C is our daredevil he LOVES rollercoasters and lots of excitement. He rode the Matterhorn and Space Mountain with Daddy. He convinced BAJA to ride the Matterhorn together. They had a good time and wanted to spend every minute together to explore Disneyland!
It was a magical time at Disney..ok even more magical than usual because it was the start of the Christmas Season. Parades, the aroma of gingerbread, and Snow! (probably bubble mixture) but snow.

Halloween 2014

October 31 2014
It was a fun day to celebrate with the boys. Halloween is not my favorite but it sure is fun with my boys.
BAJA wanted to be a international super spy detective.  That is difficult to find something.  We ordered a trench coat online. We waited and waited and waited. It had not arrived. So 2 nights before the big school parade, I went to the thrift store with BAJA we found long coats. He had so much fun trying them on. We found a perfect one and the next day Brian found a Sherlock holmes hat. We were set!  It turned out pretty well

C wanted to be a superhero. ANYTHING superhero related is what he LOVES. During the day he had on his Spiderman costume then he changed into his superman and back to Spiderman.

J decided to play the same change costume game. He was batman for a little while and then a fireman. 
We started the day with BAJAs school parade. I also helped with the class party and brought cookies to decorate with his class. Then we went Trick or Treating with C & Js preschool. Then we visited Grammy for her office trick or treat. The boys received so much candy!

We went to visit Nana and Pops later and then came home and watched a movie with the boys. The weather was warm and beautiful. So grateful my boys make this a fun time!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014

August 2014
School starts!!  Happy 3rd grade to BAJA and preschool to C and Baby J.
We were a little apprehensive to start the year but we had hope thanks to Camp Takoda. The teacher for the summer program told us that BAJA is ready for 3rd grade reporting that he kept his skills in math and reading. BAJAs teacher this year is Mrs Robinson, C's teacher Valerie and Baby J teacher Maylay
I love how much these boys love each other!  They support each other and celebrate the days together.
Here's to a great school year!!

BAJA is 9 Years Old

My darling BAJA turned 9 years old this year.  This little boy who shattered the loneliness and longing to have a little one to love joined our family!  He is a delightful, curious, sensitive, loving, smart little boy!!
He wanted to invite ALL his friends at camp. We were thrilled to welcome so many to his party. BAJA has a difficult time with social relationships and he doesn't have very many friends. We are grateful to the community we are a part of with Camp Takoda. 

Happy Birthday BAJA